1. How to Clean a Wedding Ring

    How to Clean a Wedding Ring

    Keeping your ring clean isn't just about keeping it sparkly. It is important to care for your wedding ring, not only to keep it looking at its best but also to ensure you don’t cause any damage which may result in repair works.

    We recommend cleaning your engagement ring every couple weeks—or more, if you're wearing it during household chores and strenuous activities.

    It is important tha...

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  2. The 4 C’s of Diamond

    The 4 C’s of Diamond

    There is a standard way of appraising a diamond, by using criteria called the 4 C's. The 4 C's are the Clarity, Carat, Cut and Colour of a diamond.

    The 4Cs also determine the diamond’s worth. Each quality is graded on a scale and should be considered in relation to one another when evaluating a diamond. Let us explore why.


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  3. How to choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

    How to choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

    Every bride has an idea of what ring she has always dreamed about. Choosing the perfect ring is not the easiest journey but it should be the most pleasant experience for you and your loved one. Most couples buy their wedding rings together and it is a sensible, practical decision that is made by both parties. Undoubtedly, it is the most important piece of jewelry that you both will buy together...

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