Care Guide

It is important to care for your wedding ring, not only to keep it looking at its best but also to ensure you don’t cause any damage which may result in repair works. For your convenience we have compiled some jewellery care advice for you.

Storing Your Ring

Should you ever need to take off your wedding ring for prolonged periods we recommend that you place it in either the ring box that came with the ring or your own jewellery box, should you have one. Be careful if you are using a jewellery box that contains multiple items of jewellery as some of the stones set in jewellery such as diamonds and sapphires are very hard and easily scratch gold which is soft by comparison.

Wedding Ring Care

Ring Cleaning

A wedding ring is a piece of jewellery that is usually worn full time, so inevitably it's going to pick up some dirt. Ideal ring cleaning consists of gently removing layers of dirt without inflicting any damage to the metal below or stones if it should have any.

If you want to clean a ring yourself start off by gently buffing with a soft microfiber cloth, for stubborn marks a jewellery cleaner may also be required. Ultrasonic baths can be purchased and are a good way of cleaning most jewellery, particularly if it gets dirty regularly.

We suggest for anything other than light buffing that you take your ring to a jewellers, who will properly clean your ring for you and can also polish it should you so desire.

Protecting Your Ring

In an ideal world your ring should be removed before taking a bath or showering, however it is important to remove gold or white gold rings before swimming or cleaning (if the chemical are strong) as the chemicals can react to create a tarnished and dull looking ring. In the event of this happening it is normally possible to restore a ring to its original splendour.