Laser Engraving

Personalising your wedding ring with an engraving is the perfect way of finishing off your special ring and linking it with your loved ones. All of our engravings are made using a powerful laser engraving machine, which ensures a deep high quality engraving that is also more legible than a standard engraving.

Because the engraving of a ring is very personal it may sometimes be necessary for us to contact you to double check the engraving requirements that you have. For example some customers have requested a <3 (heart symbol) to be engraved, whereas we can actually engrave a proper heart shape.

We have a wide selection of engraving options for you to choose from, with styles ranging from traditional block and script styles through to unique fingerprint engravings. You can find out more about our engraving options below.

Please Note:
Due to the personalised nature of engraved rings we cannot fulfil any return enquiries.

Block Style Engraving

Block style engraving is a very popular choice as it is classical in style and provides clear readability. The letters are upright and feature small embellishments for a classical touch. Block engraving can be specified in all upper or lower case or a mixture of the two.

Script Style Engraving

Script style engraving is the traditional choice and it has a handwritten and swirly feel to it. The capital letters are best described as exuberant whilst the lowercase letters are joined up. Script engraving can be specified in all upper or lower case or a mixture of the two.


Standard Available Fonts

Custom Engraving

Fancy something a little bit different? Utilising the latest engraving technology we can offer you a more custom engraving. Popular choices include your own handwriting, a custom font, Roman Numerals, barcodes and logos although we are always open to new suggestions.

If you would like a custom engraving to be added to your ring we will require you to send us an example of your engraving choice either by post or e-mail. Engraving examples must be black and legible and have a white background. We will resize engravings to ensure a perfect fit on the ring.

For more information about custom engraving and the options available please contact us for an informal chat or email.

Fingerprint Engraving

For a truly unique engraving choice why not consider a fingerprint engraving? This relatively new engraving choice utilises the latest laser engraving technology to produce stunning results that will last a lifetime.

When you order the fingerprint engraving we will send you a fingerprint pad as part of the service. To obtain a clear fingerprint simply place your finger on the pad and then onto a white piece of paper. Once you're done send the fingerprint and pad back to us so that we can engrave your ring.

Please Note:
We cannot fingerprint engrave onto rings narrower than 2.5mm in width and, depending on the width of the ring we can only use a small section of a fingerprint. We usually use the most interesting looking part of the fingerprint, although you can provide your own instructions if you prefer.

If you would like more information about having finger print engraving on your wedding ring then please contact us for further details.

Laser Engraving Examples